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Cold Weather Car Care

Cold Weather Car Care

Winter Driving Tips

Staying Safe in the Snow


In Utah our weather can be unpredictable.  In this land of “the greatest snow on EARTH” mother nature can be pretty moody. Locals say wait 20 minutes and the weather will change.

Utah being the amazing state that it is has a variety of terranes and road conditions across the state. From cold and snowy in northern Utah to dry warm in southern Utah. We Utahans get to experience all four seasons in one day.

Before the 1st snow storm hits, your car needs tuned up so it is ready for the winter roads.

Change the oil.

            Check the tire pressure and inflate to proper winter levels.

            Check windshield wipers to ensure proper functioning.


Ideally, when the roads are packed with snow, slick with black ice or rain to it would be best to stay off of them until they have been plowed and dry. In Utah it takes about five feet of snow to declare a snow day. Less snow than that we are  out on the roads to school, work, skiing, etc.  Schedule ample time for slower driving conditions. Your life is more important than trying shave time off your drive.


When making a stop, gently press the brake pedal with your foot to help avoid skidding or sliding.

If the tires lock up and the car begins to swerve, gently release pressure from the             brakes.

Do not panic and slam your foot on the brake, this will only cause your car to slide out of control.


Safety Tips

Keep sandbags in the trunk of the car. This will help keep the back of the car weighed down and prevents sliding.

Always make sure your car is visible to other drivers.

Keep your headlights and windshield free of ice or snow. It will help you see oncoming traffic and make you visible to them.


If you get stuck in a snow bank or high snow drifts Do not try to get out by spinning the tires.  More lead in your foot is not better. This can cause you to become even more stuck.

Turn the wheels from side to side to help clear some of the snow away from the tires. Have a shovel in the trunk with your sandbags, and try to remove some of the snow from the tires and underneath the car.


In case of an emergency, it is smart to keep some equipment in your car at all times.

A spare tire

A jack

A blanket

Jumper cables

Tow and tire chains

A bag of salt

A tool kit

A flashlight that works

Extra batteries

An ice scrapper and snow brush

Exterior windshield cleaner

Spare gloves.


We never know exactly what Utah weather will bring. It is best to be prepared for all conditions.

Experienced Automotive is here for you for all your car needs.

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